Get Mytesi delivered to your door

Convenience for you—at no cost other than your copay

  • Mytesi is always in stock and is delivered right to your door
  • You get refill reminders, answers to your questions, and help with insurance
  • You pay NO MORE than your copay
Take these simple steps: Print these forms for your doctor. Ask your doctor to send your presciption to Mytesi Direct. Home Delivery

Mytesi Direct takes it from there by:

  • Contacting your insurance provider to confirm your coverage and copay. You’ll get the same copay coupons and discount programs that you would receive at other pharmacies (if applicable). If your insurance limits coverage of Mytesi, you’ll be given other options to look into for coverage
  • Charging you for your copay (after any copay assistance has been applied)
  • Processing and sending Mytesi to your home free of charge. It will arrive within a few days.