Home delivery of Mytesi

Mytesi Direct Prescription Program—Convenience for you and your patients

Mytesi Direct is a fully integrated patient pharmacy and medication access service administered by Transition Pharmacy (TPS):

  • Makes it easy for your patients to receive home delivery of Mytesi
  • Resolves prior authorization issues or insurance questions
  • Facilitates timely refills to meet long-term treatment goals

There is no cost for the Mytesi Direct Prescription Program.

  • Your patients pay only their insurance company’s copay amount
  • If insurance does not cover Mytesi, your patients are directed to other possible ways to secure coverage
  • Your patients may opt out of the program at any time by calling 1-844-749-1026

Give your patient a Mytesi Direct handout.

Complete the Patient Information section, including cell phone number, on the Mytesi Direct Prescription Order Form. Also complete the Physician and Prescription Information, including the prescriber’s signature.

Fax the completed order form to 1-866-694-2555.

Once payment is received, prescriptions will be delivered to your patient in 2 to 5 days.

To use e-PRESCRIBING, please refer to the information on the Prescription Order Form.

Have questions?

  • About the Mytesi Direct Prescription Program, contact your Napo Pharmaceuticals sales rep.

  • About the pharmacy prescription service or status of a patient, contact TPS at 1-844-749-1026.
  • Your patients may opt out of the program at any time by calling 1-844-749-1026

The Mytesi Direct Prescription Program is operated by licensed US-based pharmacists.

TPS handles patient medication inquiries.

All processes adhere to applicable laws and regulations.