Normalize with Mytesi

Mytesi works differently than other diarrhea medicines.

Mytesi is effective.

  • In clinical studies, people who took Mytesi had a higher response rate than did the people who took placebo
  • After 20 weeks of Mytesi treatment, 9 of 10 people had fewer watery stools than they did before the study*

Mytesi comes from nature.

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*Findings from supplemental analysis of the Mytesi clinical study, ADVENT.

Male, age 35, HIV positive. Mytesi helps relieve symptoms of noninfectious diarrhea

Talking with your health care provider about Mytesi may be the next step to getting relief.

There’s nothing easy about living with diarrhea.

But a quick conversation could change that.

I am living with HIV.

I am taking ART.

I want to do something about my diarrhea.

Is my diarrhea caused by an infection?

What can I do to manage my diarrhea?

Could Mytesi be a good treatment choice for me?

3 key things to know about Mytesi



In clinical studies, people taking Mytesi had a similar number of side effects as people taking a placebo.


No effect on viral load

Taking Mytesi will not affect your viral load. This is important when you are being treated for HIV.

Talk with your health care provider about getting relief from your diarrhea.


No drug-to-drug interactions

You can take Mytesi along with other medicines. There is no problem with drug-to-drug interactions.