Specialty Pharmacy Advantages

Specialty Pharmacy Advantages

Filling Mytesi Prescriptions Now Includes More Ways to Receive Service, Support, and Benefits for Mytesi Patients

Mytesi is exclusively available through select specialty pharmacies.

We know that managing medications can be a challenge—that’s why you’ll have a dedicated specialty pharmacy team helping to ensure that you can start and stay on Mytesi.

What is a specialty pharmacy?

Specialty pharmacies manage the unique requirements of specialty medications like Mytesi. They accept insurance like the local pharmacy—yet offer a wide range of services.

Not sure about which specialty pharmacy to use? NapoCares™ can help patients and healthcare providers determine the right one.

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How does it all work?

The healthcare provider will send the Mytesi prescription directly to a participating specialty pharmacy of your choice. If you aren’t sure which specialty pharmacy to send it to, NapoCares™ can help determine which one is best suited to fill the Mytesi prescription.

Once the specialty pharmacy receives the Mytesi prescription, they will give the patient a welcome call to:

Check insurance coverage

Ask about other medications taken and any drug allergies

Discuss payment options and ask for payment information

Schedule pick-up of the Mytesi prescription, or delivery to a preferred address

Coordinate with the healthcare provider, if necessary

Which specialty pharmacies fill Mytesi prescriptions?

Napo Pharmaceuticals—the maker of Mytesi—is partnering with several specialty pharmacy networks

Alto Pharmacy

M–F 9am–12am ET
Sat & Sun 10am–9pm ET

Accredo Health Group

Patients: 800-803-2523
M–F 8am–11pm ET
Sat 8am–7pm ET

Prescribers: 866-759-1557
M–F 8am–8pm ET

AllianceRx Walgreens Prime

TTY: 711
8am–8pm ET

CVS Specialty

TTY: 711
M–F 7:30am–8:30pm ET

Where can I get more information about specialty pharmacies?

NapoCares™ is a comprehensive patient support program. We can answer your specialty pharmacy questions, provide eligible patients with financial assistance, and coordinate copay support to help ensure that there is no interruption in Mytesi treatment.

Contact NapoCares™

888-527-NAPO (6276)
M–F 8am–5pm CT

Helping patients and healthcare providers connect with the right specialty pharmacy is just part of the support that NapoCares™ offers. Find out how the program works for you.

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